we care about efficiency and that is our major guidance. Ours products should always perform as proficient as possible, promoting by themselves the high standards of our Company.


R&D and constant upgrade of our own solutions do allow us to be as competitive as possible in the market environment; we promote and offer new solutions every day.


we believe in the future. We develop new products taking in consideration the effects in the environment and making choices that may have positive benefits for the user and future recycle needs.


We assume our commitment with our clients to supply premium quality solutions, in an efficient balance between design and novelty.


Lightenjin is a company that aim’s to be a solid reference in the Light industry business,providing efficient and competitive products and solutions.
Our portfolio is built in a near guidance of our company strategy and board management vision; we wish to offer the best possible solution, facing the demands of the light project or product request presented by our clients.
Our offers are future driven, efficient and “green concept”; providing for our clients and partners additional incomings in time and costs savings.
We stand for the best possible Light offer.




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    The Altus range was designed for spaces without possibility of fixing through recessed mounting. In this sense, were designed several models of simple shapes, for surface mounting and with dimension proportional to power, that fit in several domestic or commercial space, available in different colors. The Q models aredistinguished by the square shape.

    La gamme Altus a été conçue pour des espaces sans possibilité de fixation par montage encastré. Dans ce sens, on a conçu plusieurs modèles de formes simples, pour le montage en surface et avec une dimension proportionnelle à la puissance, qui s’adaptent à plusieurs espaces domestiques ou commerciaux, disponibles en différentes couleurs. Les modèles Q se distinguent par la forme carrée.

  • Palus S

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    Palus range was delineated for exterior lighting. Palus model presents a simple and elegant shape, suitable for lighting outdoor spaces, such as sidewalks and gardens. The LED technology used ensures high energy efficiency and low operation cost, which becomes an added advantage when compared to conventional technologies.

    La gamme Palus a été délimitée pour l’éclairage extérieur. Le modèle Palus présente une forme simple et élégante, apte à éclairer les espaces extérieurs, comme les trottoirs et les jardins. La technologie LED utilisée garantit une efficacité énergétique élevée et un faible coût d’exploitation, ce qui devient un avantage supplémentaire par rapport aux technologies conventionnelles.

  • FLAT



    This product was designed by Architect Adalberto Dias.
    Flat is a small equipment that can be used as an uplight or a downlight, with inclination adjusting, according to the needs of the indoor or outdoor space.

    Conçu par l’architecte Adalberto Dias pour éclairer façades intérieures.
    Flat est un petit équipement qui peut être utilisé comme un allège ou un downlight, avec un ajustement d’inclinaison, selon les besoins de l’espace intérieur ou extérieur.

  • Pharus

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    Pharus was designed for lighting small sidewalks. The compact and elegant shape gives a 360º amplitude light and a high visual comfort, due to the incorporation of an anti-glare gutter, which directs the light emitted to the ground. This product has a wood lacquered aluminum stem, contributing to be more suitable in the space where it is inserted.

    Le « poivre » Pharus a été conçu pour l’éclairage de petits sentiers. Sa façon compacte et élégante confère une gamme d’éclairement de 360 ° et un grand confort visuel, en raison de l’incorporation d’une grille anti éblouissement, qui dirige la lumière émise sur le sol. Ce produit a un bois de finition en aluminium revêtu de l’arbre, ce qui contribue à un meilleur environnement dans lequel elle opère.






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