Clube dos 13 _ XXV Lighting Workshops


Clube dos 13 _ XXV Lighting Workshops

Lightenjin is glad to be sponsor off XXV Lighting Workshops organized by Clube dos 13.

Lighting Workshops will take place in Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) in main auditorium on November 17 and 18. This edition theme is “Man and the Light”. // read more


Lightenjin in TECHDAYS_Aveiro 2017

Lightenjin will be at TECHDAYS.

TECHDAYS is a free entry event that takes place from 12 to 14 October at the Aveiro Exhibition Park. Here you can learn about the latest technological innovations of companies, research units and national knowledge centers.

In addition to an exhibition area with more than 9.000m2 where the main companies and national research units are present, TECHDAYS will also organize various workshops, conferences and B2B Meetings.

We’ll be expecting you.


Lightenjin company SME LEADER OF 2017

It is with great pleasure that Lightenjin wins SME Leader of 2017 for the 3rd consecutive year.

PME Líder is a Portuguese corporate reputation label created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merit of national SMEs with superior performance based on the evaluation of the best rating and economic-financial indicators.

We thank all those who actively contributed to achieve our company result of growth and development.

Thank you very much to Lightenjin Team, Partners, Suppliers and Customers.


Lightenjin promotes CO2 emissions reduction in the retail sector.

Energy sustainability is crucial role nowadays, which the Lighting Sector contributes considerably to the electric energy consumption, it is imperative that the technology of lighting based on fluorescent technology (known as conventional technology, enduring an important evolution from the energy efficiency point of view and migrate to more efficient and economic technology, such as LED technology.

Lightenjin, as a Lighting Industry acts in this direction. In the retail sector, it replaced more than 19,000 luminaries in the first half of 2017, promoting the reduction of installed power 1,475 kWh (from 2,453kWh to 998kWh). Daily consumption (14 hours of daily use) was reduced to 20.65 MWh and the annual (362 days) in 7.48 GWh.

// read more


Energy & Smart Cities

Lightenjin is organizing in partnership with Câmara Municipal deÁgueda and Lighting, Living Lab (LLL) at International Conference “Energy and Smart Cities”, which will take place on 29 and 30 June of 2017.

At the conference will present national and international speakers, where will be presented the Luminarie Art State, as well a new proposal with more sustainable solutions and greater energy efficiency. For more program details, please consult the link.

In order to participate in the conference and interact with employees who will be present in the various stands, just sign up here so that you can take advantage of the conference offers and attend the conference.



Between June 7th and 8th,  Lightenjin will be at the Zoom Smartcities international conference ( to present the Intelligent Management System for Public Lighting (Sistema Gesluce).

Visit us at the Universidade Nova Lisboa Auditorium  and you will have the opportunity to evaluate the potential of this system, for more information see the link:



Lightenjin Products Catalog of 2017 is already available in digital  format by sign in on the Link.
If you want the catalogue in paper format, please request  it to ours commercial department here.



DUO – New bet on highlight lighting

The DUO range is Lightenjin’s new commitment to highlight lighting solutions with a color filter. A product that adapts to the market requirements, in an economically (LED technology of low consumption and high efficiency) and technical away, adapting the light spectrum of the product featured, ensuring greater contrast and enhancement of products. This technology guarantees a better color rendering and also guarantees a greater visual comfort, which translates into a decrease in stress and a greater sense of well-being. This product presents itself as an asset to modern and sophisticated spaces, being configured with color filters suitable for: Bakeries; Butchers shop; Delicatessen; Fish shop; fruit shop; restaurants and clothing stores (white enhancement or color enhancement), as exemplified by the following images.


4_bakery 3_carne 2_roupa_a 1_frescos


FICIS- International Forum of the Intelligent and Maintainable Communities

Lightenjin is present (18 on April 20 of 2017) in the  International Forum of the Intelligent and Maintainable Communities Archeology Museum of D. Diogo de Sousa in Braga, for  more information please consult

In this forum there will present themes, such as Technology & Innovation, Economy and Governance, Smart City Labs, Sustainability & Innovation, Intelligence in the Cities, Health, Energy and Mobility. // read more


Lightenjin`s Birthday

The Lightenjin, a reference company in the Design and Development Sector of lighting Solutions with high energy efficiency and that has been implemented on the market since 2006. Distinguished as SME líder 2015, 2016 and SME Leader and Excellence in 2016, is to be congratulated.

Eleven years in the marketed, has stood for innovation and continuous development of an efficient and sustainable product line that will meet the needs of the consumer.
In order to industrialize products and to increase competitiveness in the light sector, appears Lightenjin II on on the 29th of March of 2016. In only a year, the Lightengin II, is in the ascension process, with new projects and partnerships, increasingly challenging, motivating, efficient and innovative. // read more