Retail Counter – Innovative system to count and limit the number of visitors

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 brought us new challenges.

Lightenjin, along with HFA technology, in partnership with DMS (Digitale Mediensysteme GmbH) and with QIBA.Connect know-how created the Retail Counter.
This innovative product solve the problem of counting and limiting the number of visitors attending to public spaces and businesses.

The Retail Counter is based on one or more embedded controllers and a variable number of sensors. The central controller (depending on the version) can be networked via Ethernet or WiFi in a company network or in the “cloud”. The developed technology is functional in different architectures of spaces.

Retail Counter is easy to install or remove and does not require supervision to use it. Information regarding permission to enter a certain space with a Retail Counter installation is given through international recognized illuminated signs.