5 Jul


5 Jul 2018

Lightenjin in Energy Days

Last Wednesday, June 27, Lisbon was the stage for different European institutions linked to energy to present what is best done in Europe, with the organization of Inesctec and EDP.

The event “From Intelligent Energy Solutions to Disruptive Business Models” comes under the umbrella of the European InteGrid project, which aims to enable three European countries – Portugal, Sweden and Slovenia – to increase the intelligence of their electricity grids by 2020. 

The European Integrid project, in co-promotion with the European Commission, developed the Energy Days events that took place during the months of May and June and aimed to show citizens and industry the importance of sustainable energies.
In order to present the best Portuguese solutions, 10 national startups were chosen to pitch a technology solution in one of the following areas: electric vehicle loading and fleet management, smart grid and renewable energy technologies.

Lightenjin was one of the chosen ones to present its solution, GesLuce, Management system for Public Lighting, in the category of technology for networks and renewable energies.