21 Dec


21 Dec 2015


Lightenjin had the pressure to support an academic case study of Eco-design and Eco-efficiency class, integrated in the Master Degree of Joana, Daniela and Helga, oriented by the teachers, Dª Eng. Monica Oliveira and Dº Eng. Vítor Neto of the Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Aveiro.

During the semester the student group, analyzed our UNNO in different production variants, marketing and lifetime, preparing the final report from which we extract this little summary:

” …However, we conclude that the Unno is an efficient spotlight because it allows a certain space with the least amount of light spots, a reduction of costs and cause less environmental impact. Thus, it can be said that Unno is an environmentally responsible product. ”

Overall, we had the pleasure to help our future masters and it is with pride to share their work´s conclusion through an external review to Lightenjin and included a comparative universe.

More information: Please see UNNO page – Technical sheet

The UNNO equipment has been designed to fill the various gaps imposed by the different lighting solutions currently available on the market, combined both high levels of energy efficiency, performance and cost competitive.

Its high efficiency and service life make UNNO the proper equipment for accent lighting in commercial spaces.
Suitable for application in rail surface or embedded phase electrified, results in an easy-to- install and low operating costs.



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