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General Catalog

catálogo geral

Consult or download the Lightenjin General Catalog

Thematic Brochures


folheto retalho e lojas

We offer a complete range of products for retail, covering everything from sales areas to parking lots and warehouses, thus expanding energy efficiency across its entire structure.

Lighting OFFICES

folheto iluminação escritórios

Lightenjin offers innovative solutions that are easy to install, timeless design and have a very competitive price-performance ratio. The broad portfolio of technologies we have ensures energy efficient and sustainable responses.


folheto iluminação pública

Range of products for public lighting, parking, facades, pedestrian areas and gardens.


folheto iluminação industrial

Range of products for industrial lighting and all related spaces. Download the pdf.


folheto iluminação e acustica

Lighting solutions that combine lighting adaptation to spaces with control of acoustic conditions enable the creation of more comfortable environments and increase user well-being.


folheto iluminação e horticultura

Range of lighting products for horticultural spaces and lighting systems aimed at different plant growth needs.

Lighting KESSLER

Lightenjin represents Kessler Pure Light in Portugal with minimalist and differentiated lighting, suitable for museums and watch shops. See the leaflet.

Intelligent Management System

Control systems contribute to the energy sustainability of a building, giving you tools to save energy without losing performance or comfort.

G.E.M. - Global Energy Meter

GEM is a monitoring solution for electricity consumption for single-phase and three-phase circuits

Product Leaflets


folheto iluminação SUB

Range of products for lighting underground stations or surface interfaces and related specific zones. See the leaflet. For more information, please contact us by email.

Linne S 90

folheto iluminação Linne S90

Versatile lighting for demanding spaces. With the adaptation of a large number of optical groups, associated with a large geometric range, the Linne S 90 can respond to almost anything