20 Apr


20 Apr 2017

DUO – New bet on highlight lighting

The DUO range is Lightenjin’s new commitment to highlight lighting solutions with a color filter. A product that adapts to the market requirements, in an economically (LED technology of low consumption and high efficiency) and technical away, adapting the light spectrum of the product featured, ensuring greater contrast and enhancement of products. This technology guarantees a better color rendering and also guarantees a greater visual comfort, which translates into a decrease in stress and a greater sense of well-being. This product presents itself as an asset to modern and sophisticated spaces, being configured with color filters suitable for: Bakeries; Butchers shop; Delicatessen; Fish shop; fruit shop; restaurants and clothing stores (white enhancement or color enhancement), as exemplified by the following images.


4_bakery 3_carne 2_roupa_a 1_frescos