At the present time, reduce energy consumption, it’s not only seen as a positive practice and sustainable environmental policy, but also a competitiveness of the companies and industries. However, managers usually do not have all the necessary information to make proactive and informed decisions on the energy used in their buildings.

Energy remote monitoring is an effective solution and it is compared to reduce energy consumption and anomaly detection, as well as the implementation of best practices in operating.



How it Works

The GEM is a monitoring solution of energy consumption for single-phase and three-phase circuits.

The monitoring data and reports are available through a dedicated web page, which can be accessed by 3G / 4G and / or Ethernet connection.

The information collected by GEM can be accessed directly, without subscribing to any services that require subscription or monthly fees.

Using data export tool, it is possible to build reports, allowing an analysis of the global consumption of your residential, commercial or industrial installations, providing the information needed for optimization and verification measures of energy efficiency and negotiation of energy supply contracts.

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