Office Lighting

Lighting must follow regulations and standards in every room; however, compliance with these regulations and standards is merely one of the goals to be achieved for proper lighting in an office environment.
You will find a combination of top quality light fixtures and an exclusive use of LED technology at Lightenjin with lighting experts who will project the lights towards those using office spaces and increase a sense of well-being through light.

The large portfolio of technologies provided by Lightenjin for developing professional lighting solutions not only ensure quality lighting but they also ensure energetically efficient and sustainable answers.

Areas of intervention

  • Open-Plan Offices
  • Informal Workspaces
  • Executive Offices
  • Meeting Room
  • Canteen
  • Social Areas
  • Building Entrance
  • Circulation areas and stairs
  • Lavatories
  • Façade
  • Outdoor Paths
  • Car Parks
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Versatile Lighting

Linear luminaire for suspended application with a differentiating design in its Premium version, made of aluminum profile, with a low glare level lens (UGR<19). Versatile luminaire in terms of available lengths. It incorporates a light engine with high luminous efficiency and long lifetime.


The circadian rhythm is the capacity to adjust an individual’s activity and resting periods. There are many factors that promote a deregulation of circadian rhythms, such as: working in shifts, changes in time zone, lack of natural light, neurological disturbances, medication, etc. These changes may cause major problems to human health.
Since a great part of the population is limited to confined spaces without natural light, it is important to promote adaptable lighting that will reduce the impact of such environments on an individual’s circadian rhythm.
It is also crucial for employees who are subjected to changes in schedule between day and night shifts to simulate daytime during the shift to which they are subjected.


The Tunable White technology appears within this scope in order to recreate the sunlight dynamics and pattern in buildings throughout the day by combining the light’s colour temperature with light intensity..
It is common for there to be the need for more than one type of scenario in an office space. The Tunable White technology enables the creation of scenarios suited to the different dynamics taking place therein. A warm white light is soothing and welcoming in presentation environments. However, there are other times when the option will be to have a colder light in the same space because it has a stimulating effect, promotes concentration, and maintains a higher level of attention.
The Tunable White technology places people at the centre of the lighting project creating the perfect conditions for a positive working environment. The return of investment is effective and it is measured through a decrease in energy consumption and an increase in profit earning capacity.

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Lightenjin offers innovative solutions that are easy to install, timeless design and have a very competitive price-performance ratio. The broad portfolio of technologies we have ensures energy efficient and sustainable responses.

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