Project designation | INTERNATIONALISATION
Project code | CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-025947
Main goal | To enhance SME competitiveness – International marketing and prospect in order to increase the diverse products provided by Lightenjin II in terms of light design and smart lighting by means of a structured approach to new target markets.
Area of Intervention |Centre

Date of approval | 2017-08-08
Date of commencement | 2017-09-04
Date of completion | 2020-09-03
Total eligible cost | € 421.918,11
ERDF | € 189.863,15


This project mainly focuses on the internationalisation strategy of Lightenjin II, which was drawn up and will take place based on the marketing mix of its products and services.
The integrated lighting solutions presented by Lightenjin II are top quality and its design is created with the intent of being appealing and functional (tangible elements). It has highly invested in creating an image (intangible elements) that is recognised in the international market in order to ensure innovative and sustainable solutions.
The international branding of Lightenjin II will be clearly reinforced in this project not only by means of traditional communication strategies (outbound – including marketing collateral and stands in fairs) but also inbound (viral marketing viral and search engine optimisation).