13 Nov


13 Nov 2015


Followed the launch of the range of management and control systems products, Lightenjin created a new website (www.gesluce.com), which aimed to allow customers to view all systems available, as well as, case studies.

Gesluce range presents global solutions to optimize operating costs related to energy consumption and maintenance, offering many other advantages, such as, automation, increased comfort and flexibility of the systems.

The website presents various management systems range descriptions, including wireless and wired building solutions, as well as, public lighting solutions.

The public lighting system is the most innovative product of Gesluce range, enabling the integration of the public lighting networks from the cities in the smart cities plataform, as structural elements of a high-resolution communication network.

This network is capable to support communications between devices and sensors, in a context of sensing and internet of things of cities and territories. The IP Gesluce has valences that enable the development of new business models, using cities data (big data) and take benefit of it using information systems operation in the city, such as municipal services and urban management to the very planning territories.