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Lightenjin is a company that aim’s to be a solid reference in the Light industry business, providing efficient and competitive products and solutions.
Our portfolio is built in a near guidance of our company strategy and board management vision; we wish to offer the best possible solution, facing the demands of the light project or product request presented by our clients.

Our offers are future driven, efficient and “green concept”; providing for our clients and partners additional incomings in time and costs savings.

We stand for the best possible Light offer.

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Executed Projects until 2018

EULUCE  range

Euluce product range covers the typical interior and exterior Lightenjin applications.

Offering innovation models, with high standards in energy efficiency and efficacy, we are able to promote adequate solutions for the typical light needs or specific environments with special needs. –  See more


Gesluce is our own solution for street light illumination and software control.
Having already a deep experience in this business model, we build a global portfolio for Exterior and outside solutions as well as in Street Light and Emergency products.

We do offer nowadays a Smart City solution in a human point of view, integrating I.O.T and system controls in one global platform – Gesluce.  –  See more


In this special segment of products we offer special Architect Light solutions in accordance with Design and personal point of view of our exclusive partner’s guidance’s.

We share these singular products with you. –  See more


Being a national reference in the lighting market as a service.


Adding value to the entire chain of value of the lighting market in a competitive, differentiated, and innovative manner in our relationship with clients, suppliers, and partners, as well as the motivation and well-being we provide our employees in respect to health, social, and environmental values.


Respecting the Environment
Client orientation


Integrated Management Policy

Lightenjin II undertakes the commitment to continuously improve the quality of its processes, products, and services within the scope of standards ISO9001 and NP4457 as a management priority and an essential pillar in consolidating brand prestige.

We undertake to:

  • Promote continuous improvement by providing the necessary resources in order to ensure the efficacy and efficiency of our processes.
  • Develop and implement work methodologies enabling us to identify and understand the latent needs and expectations of our clients in order to ensure their satisfaction, permanent creation of value, and their loyalty;
  • Promote employee training, motivation, and awareness regarding their individual and group responsibilities ensuring their skill development, their involvement in obtaining results, and their relevance in the process of continuous improvement;
  • Promote and develop innovative products and solutions in terms of energy efficiency, the impact of health on users, functionality, usability, recycling, reuse, and dismantling at the end of a life cycle;
  • Add value and improve the result of our products by developing innovative solutions on an organisational level, in terms of products, processes, and marketing;
  • Fulfil applicable legal requirements as well as other requirements from our relevant interested parties;
  • Devise lighting projects and studies with high investment return rates and a low environmental impact;