18 Mar


18 Mar 2017

Lightenjin participated in another edition of Green Business Week

Lightenjin participated in another edition of Green Business Week, from 15 to 17 of Março of 2017 in CCL. Center of Congresses of Lisbon, which is the largest national events in the area of Smart Cities’ and knowledge transfer.

Green, Business Week is organized by the Foundation AIP, in partnership with the Portuguese Government that also counts with the high sponsoring of the President of Portugal, which for the first time created a shortly, Integrator and informal dialogue and debate format.

This Edition was defined by three strategic intervention areas, such as SmartCitiesLive, AquaLiveExpo and EnergyLiveExpo.

Since the themes in focus on:

Sustainability | Energy efficiency | Urban rehabilitation | Intelligent cities | Technologies of Information | Climatic alterations |Renewable energies |Efficiency Hydric | Water and Air Quality| Residues and Recycling Treatment | Biodiversity | Green Economy Export | Creation of New Companies and work placements with high qualification| Technological incorporation | Investigation and Innovation.

Lightenjin was present with in the exhibition of the Gesluce System –Smart Management System for the Public Illumination, where the company  had the pleasure to present and demonstrate the Gesluce platform in real time, including the his mission on Smart Cities, namely Human Smart City.

The public illumination system is the latest innovative product of the range Gesluce, which gives the possibility to integrate the network of the public illumination of the cities in the smart cities platform with structural elements of a network with high resolution communication. This network has capacity to support communications between devices and sensors in a sensing context and internet of things of the cities and territories. Gesluce Public Illumination presents valences that make possible the development of new business models around the information in the cities (Big Dates), could work as an information source for the several systems that work in a city, from the municipal services and urban management for the own planning of the territories.