31 Jul


31 Jul 2017

Lightenjin promotes CO2 emissions reduction in the retail sector.

Energy sustainability is crucial role nowadays, which the Lighting Sector contributes considerably to the electric energy consumption, it is imperative that the technology of lighting based on fluorescent technology (known as conventional technology, enduring an important evolution from the energy efficiency point of view and migrate to more efficient and economic technology, such as LED technology.

Lightenjin, as a Lighting Industry acts in this direction. In the retail sector, it replaced more than 19,000 luminaries in the first half of 2017, promoting the reduction of installed power 1,475 kWh (from 2,453kWh to 998kWh). Daily consumption (14 hours of daily use) was reduced to 20.65 MWh and the annual (362 days) in 7.48 GWh.

By this intervention, it was possible to obtain a direct saving of 598,000.00 € / year, not counting maintenance costs and reduction of thermal load. The project permitted commercial spaces to be more environmentally friendly, resulting in a CO2 emission reduction of around 757 tons of CO2 / year. Currently, the luminaries have more than 20,000 operating hours that demonstrate the technology maturity and the investment return in less than two years.