16 Feb


16 Feb 2016


On 16 and 17 February, Lightenjin attended the workshop on the FIWARE technology, in Natal (Brazil).

This event is of particular importance in boosting FIWARE technology, the common groundwork for implementation of the Internet of things and in the process of integration of different associated services.

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Through participation of engineer José Mota, the Lightenjin provides a valuable collaboration with the experience gained from the integration of GESLUCE management system and communication processes with the associated devices to fixtures and / or sensors, associated with public lighting.

The Natal City has developed a set of events and activities related to this topic and currently considered one of the most interesting cities in the technological, as stated in this article published the 12/02 and that counted on the participation of illustrious some of our partners and associates in developing the concept of Intelligent and Human Cites

Lightenjin, considers particularly important the implementation and development of innovative technologies, able to create an ecosystem where all stakeholders related to the different approaches of public lighting management can operate in harmony and enjoy a universal and standardized technological language.

Publication SmartCITIES – News 75 cities share data in FIWARE

Supporting and reference Documents to Fireware Concepts:

Publication SmartCITIES – News 75 cities share data in FIWARE



FIWARE Wikipedia

Natal City – Event of Smart and Human Citites

Contacte-nos caso necessite de esclarecimentos adicionais ou pretenda participar na dinamização do FIWARE.

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