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Lighting & Acoustics

In large and/or shared spaces – such as offices, restaurants, or commercial areas – the presence of unwanted and disturbing sounds can have a negative impact on the physical and psychological well-being of individuals.

Alongside the sound environment, lighting application conditions can also influence health, mood, and well-being and therefore play a crucial role in creating spaces that suit diverse needs.

Lighting solutions that combine lighting design adjustments specially adapted to each space with the control of acoustic conditions (for better speech intelligibility and the reduction of background noise levels) contribute to the creation of more comfortable environments and increase user well-being.

acústica nos escritórios

Current open office models encourage greater collaboration between people, but at the same time present certain acoustic challenges. Background noise, for instance, can often become disruptive in spaces where reflective surfaces are prevalent.

At Lightenjin, acoustic luminaires enable both needs to be met, without excessively encroaching on space.

The use of lighting design elements incorporating acoustic components results in greater comfort and improved conditions in terms of worker privacy and concentration!


Bring the garden inside

Aiming to provide multifunctional products in different spheres of functional complexity, we develop ceiling application and wall fixtures products.
Given that the lighting needs are different from the acoustic ones, the solutions developed were designed to be able to be integrated or dissociated in the lighting/acoustic perspective.

Luna, with the integration of moss surfaces, is a solution that surprises us and takes us back to Nature, always with the safeguard of optimizing the acoustic properties of the surrounding space.

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"Lighting & Acoustics"

folheto iluminação e acustica

Lighting solutions that combine lighting adaptation to spaces with control of acoustic conditions enable the creation of more comfortable environments and increase user well-being.

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