Lighting & Horticulture

Over the last few years, a marked demographic growth has been noted in the urban environment. The consequence is obvious… It will not be possible to feed all these people and megacities using conventional agriculture!
In order to feed this growing population, we will need to double or even triple, our production output in the coming decades. Is this goal feasible or even reasonable, in our already challenged planet?

There is urgency in increasing significantly our food production, in a sustainable, efficient and profitable way.
It is necessary to find alternatives, and these involve speeding up the growth of food by optimizing its production both quantitatively and qualitatively.
This is where artificial LED lighting comes in, specially designed for horticulture.

hortícolas ondas

The versatility and the targeted control of the different lighting profiles will allow to effectively ensure the energy needs of the plants, the efficiency of growth of vegetables, the reduction of costs associated with transport, and very importantly, to ensure nutrition regardless of the season, without subjecting ourselves to products that are harmful to human health.
With the optimization of growth conditions, the product can be obtained more quickly without jeopardizing its quality.

While the Sun provides wavelengths ranging from 250 to 2500nm, lighting provides only the lengths that are efficiently absorbed by the plant, in the blue (450nm) and red (660nm) region, as represented by the following spectra.


Effective process control

Vertical Agricul-ture consists of a multi-layer solution in which production is set on shelves, some stacked over one another. Optimizing space.
Using top or vertical lighting, the luminaire is usually located at a
distance of 30-50 cm.

Tuled 20 has stainless steel tops and a polycarbonate diffuser, creating a robust luminaire
with IP68 and IK09.
It contains red, blue, infrared and white LEDs, in order to meet the lighting needs of various horticultural crops.


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"Lighting & Horticulture"

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Range of lighting products for horticultural spaces and lighting systems aimed at different plant growth needs.

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