Public Infrastructures

Public and Infrastructure Lighting

Public lighting is the generic name for the lighting system of roads and public areas.
Public lighting is essential to safety and quality of life both in urban centers and in secondary and rural roads.
Public lighting is synonymous with: public safety for pedestrians; crime prevention; creating more value of monuments, buildings and landscapes; making road traffic simpler; route marking…
In short, it acts as an instrument of citizenship, allowing inhabitants to enjoy public spaces during the night.

Lightenjin offers many opportunities for improvement with a view to creating smart cities with public lighting infrastructure as an anchor.

Areas of intervention

  • Urban and Historic Centers
  • Avenues, Roundabouts, Crossings
  • Residential Areas
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Car Parks
  • Transport infrastructures
  • Roads and side-roads
  • Tunnels
  • Rural Areas


Elegant public lighting

The Via family was created with the aim of changing the paradigm of public lighting based on rigid and heavy lines. The incorporation of a high-efficiency LED light engine in a more organic and smooth design, resulted in a product that can be used in a wide range of spaces and pathways, without compromising its performance. This product also allows the integration of intelligent systems that provide greater functionality and profitability for the entire installation.

Via luminária publica

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