13 Jul


13 Jul 2016


In 13-07-2016, Lightenjin participated in Project Presentation, named “Lourinhã Light On, Lights Off”, which the partnerships were Câmara Municipal da Lourinhã, Vodafone and Lightenjin.

This project consisted in a development of an electronic equipment (in collaboration with Globaltronic) installed in LED Luminaries, which permits the user to communicate, monitor and manage the luminaries using the Gesluce platform ( Collaboratively developed with Talents & Treasures).

Thus, Lightenjin in partnership with Vodafone, enable the Câmara Municipal da Lourinhã gradually and iteratively to manage their public luminaries network in real time,  through an integrated system that will: reduce the cost of public lighting in more than 80%; increase the lifetime of the luminaries ; reduce maintenance costs; adjust lighting  according to the requirements of each space; set hours profiles for special days, such as public holidays; integrate a wide range of sensors and alerts to network managers and users.

The objective of Lightenjin and the Gesluce platform was to benefit the municipalities with technology tools that will support decisions and enable them to manage rationally their resources, without compromising the quality of life and safety of the residents.


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