3 Jun


3 Jun 2020

OBICE – Beach crowding control

According to Decree-Law No. 24/2020 of 25 May, it is mandatory to regulate access, occupation and use of bathing beaches, in the context of the COVID-19 disease pandemic, for the 2020 bathing season. .

In order to respond to access control and crowding of beaches, parks, outdoor pools and small multipurpose enclosures, Lightenjin, with the know-how of its technological partners, developed the OBICE product.

OBICE is a system with built-in controllers and a variable number of sensors. When the established maximum number of users is reached, the traffic light changes to red and displays an X. In these versions, in addition to the green and red color, the yellow color also appears when the controlled area is almost at the maximum number of people.

The OBICE product for outdoor use is available in 2 versions both with batteries, one of which is a stand-alone product powered by photovoltaic panels and the other the batteries are charged from the mains.