Casa da Música

Casa da Música

Apr 2022

Porto, Portugal

Casa da Música


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In order to increase the energy efficiency of the projectors that already exist in Sala Suggia at Casa da Música, Lightenjin has developed a retrofit solution, based on LED technology, to replace the conventional technology based on 750 W/230 V halogen lamps that projectors contained.

Given that the body of the projectors installed was in good condition and capable of integrating a light engine based on LED technology, their preservation was maintained, with only the replacement of the light engine being carried out, thus significantly reducing the associated costs. to the energy consumed.

If you want to preserve the design of the luminaires already installed, and improve energy efficiency, talk to us!

Shows are slowly returning to normal.
Casa da Música prepared itself to receive shows and spectators.
Visit Casa da Música and also admire the new lighting in the stage area of Sala Suggia.

Installed Products: RETROFIT