CR7 Fitness by Crunch

CR7 Fitness by Crunch

Jan 2022

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Prelada - Porto, Portugal

CR7 Fitness by Crunch

NUNO CAPELA Architects


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It is at CR7 Fitness by Crunch – Prelada that Lightenjin sees the capabilities of our lighting boosted to the highest level.

A project, which led to the development and customization of lighting solutions, in order to enhance the image of the CR7 brand and enhance people’s well-being and comfort, by providing a unique space.

Get to know the CR7 Fitness space by Crunch Prelada and keep your body strong and in shape.

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Installed Products:
Linne S 90 | Linne E | Luna | Tuled Ø50 | Focus
Casambi control system integration.

watch the movie – link ↴