Porto, Portugal

In context of “Metamorfose”, an Oporto scenic art piece from FAHR 021.3 for Locomotiva, “Porto Light Experience” emerges to deepen the experience of light creating an unexpected landmark in the city.
A collaboration between FAHR 021.3 and Thinklight.se – light design, integrated in 2015 International Year of Light, “Porto Light Experience” developed an overnight Led Light occupation on urban infrastructure intensifying its identity and relation with the city. As a landmark, this Led Lighting contributes to the image of the contemporary city, a city alive that interacts with people and invites encounter.

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Supported and developed by the Portuguese cluster Lighting Living Lab, a total of 1.300 digital rulers and more than 20.800 LEDs.
Through the joint efforts of these multidisciplinary teams, combining different areas of knowledge and creativity, the result is intended to be completely innovative ways of generate a new night experience, a dialog platform in the city.


Year: 2015
Customer: Porto Lazer
Project: METAMORFOSE - Porto Light Experience |
Authors: FAHR 021.3 com José Nuno Sampaio