Pediatric Ward of São João Hospital

Ala Pediátrica do Hospital de São João

Nov 2021

Porto, Portugal

Hospital de São João


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The Pediatric Ward of Hospital de São João underwent restructuring work in order to provide the community with a more welcoming space in times of greater fragility and pressure.

Given that lighting has a considerable impact on the environment of the space, we were given the responsibility of integrating efficient lighting into the pediatric ward, capable of promoting environments of greater vitality.

A 100% Portuguese project, where luminaires were carefully selected to ensure regulatory requirements for lighting, efficiency, durability and affordable costs in the face of the challenges imposed.

The lighting to which we are exposed has a huge impact on our well-being, the vitality and energy of our healthcare professionals and our children, who remain hours, weeks and sometimes months confined to closed spaces can and should be improved in our hospitals.

Defined and regularized lighting levels, color rendering similar to that of the sun, color temperatures appropriate to the space’s surroundings, can define the well-being that the space transmits to us.

Lightenjin does not have the power of our magnificent healthcare professionals, but through illumination it can bring light to the days of those who help and those who need help.

Installed Products:
Aseptic E / Lacus / Elementare trimless 90 / Altus R 130 | Tuled ø50 / Orbis R140 /R190 / Reducta 30 / Reducta 175 / OPUS E / Linne S

elementare trimless
elementare trimless

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