São João Hospital’s Intermodal Station

Pólo Intermodal do Hospital São João

Feb 2022

Metro do Porto

Architect Adalberto Dias


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Metro do Porto had the collaboration of Lightenjin in the renovation of the Intermodal Hub of Hospital São João.

The intervention included the construction of new covered interfaces, which allow metro users greater comfort compared to the existing stops.

The renovation of the space also allowed for the integration of lighting that privileges the levels of uniformity of light in the waiting area. It also integrates the Management and Control System, which makes it possible to measure the levels of artificial lighting according to the levels of natural lighting, allowing consumption savings of over 50%.

In this way, safety and visual acuity are maintained and ensured.

Luminaire meters: 280 (4 lines of 70mts)
Number of Light Fixtures: 144
Average power/luminaire: 32 W
Hours of operation/day: 12 h
Energy consumption/luminaire: 140 kWh/year

In this link you can see more information about this work: https://www.porto.pt/pt/noticia/estacao-de-metro-do-hospital-sao-joao-reabre-nesta-…

Installed Products:

LINNE E O, DRILED, LINNE S90 I, Elementare R60, FLAT,