São João Batista Church – Tomar

Igreja de São João Batista – Tomar

Jun 2023

Tomar, Portugal

Municipality of Tomar

Architect Adalberto Dias


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São João Baptista Church in Tomar is now illuminated with LED lighting from Lightenjin. This new lighting provides a unique experience for visitors, highlighting its architectural beauty and artistic details.
In addition to improving visitors’ visual experience, this new LED lighting is also energy efficient and ecologically sustainable, meaning that the church can now benefit from high quality lighting while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Visit São João Baptista Church and experience the beauty of this historic building under a new light, which allows you to appreciate its architecture and art from a unique and unforgettable perspective.

In this link you can read more information about the church: https://www.visit-tomar.com/Places/Details/igreja-de-sao-joao-baptista

Installed Products: Duo S, Driled, Prolinne, Tuled-20, Elementare R60, Taupa e Taupé