Lisboa, Portugal

On the 20th anniversary of SuperBock SuperRock festival, FAHR 021.3 was challenged to develop a new concept for the main stage.
The concept is divided in two perspectives: The reinvention of the festival by the displacement into urban/metropolitan space and the idea of representing music through space, geometry and light. Stimulus, as the name suggests, stimulates the audience in a unique and attractive way. A frontstage drawn through light lines, which together enclose an idea of a new territory or morphology. A set of frames distorting the idea of symmetrical stage, diluting its limits.

Associated with this idea is also an important work of light that will allow to create endless animations within the limits of this new morphology. For this purpose, the project has the indispensable contribution of the Lighting Living Lab cluster of companies based in Águeda, which focuses on the area of development and research in new technologies and applications in the area of l ighting.
We expect a structure composed of light, lightweight, dynamic and enveloping, which transports us to the idea of b espoke music.


Year: 2015-2018
Customer: Super Bock Super Rock
Project: Arquitect.: FAHR 021.3 | light design: