Swimming pools of Samora Correia and Benavente

May 2023

Samora Correia / Benavente, Portugal

Municipality of Benavente



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The infrastructures of the municipal swimming pools of Samora Correia and Benavente were rehabilitated with the aim of reducing energy consumption.
In both locations, lighting is now based on high-efficiency LED technology, where the products are highly resistant to water and dust.

We act from the perspective of contributing to the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, contact us.

In this link you can check the news from the Municipality of Benavente about the inauguration and works carried out in the 2 locations: https://youtu.be/8Xp7keQRNpY

Installed Products: CITHARA EVO, Driled, Altus R, LIGNA, Tuled 50, Stagnum LED, OPUS S PW45, Spherical