• murum ambiente


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    The Murum equipment was developed for outdoor lighting solutions with a low level of glare. This product has a simple shape and can be applied in walls, cellings and floors by using a plumbing plastic box.
  • Reducta 175

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    Reducta 175 is an ideal equipment for exterior spaces and can be applied recessed into the floor. The luminous power and energy efficiency, ensure to give light to objects and walls with low operation costs, making this a very competitive solution.

    Reducta 175 est un équipement idéal pour les espaces extérieurs et peut être appliqué encastré dans le sol. La puissance lumineuse et l’efficacité énergétique, garantissent la luminosité des objets et des murs à faible coût d’exploitation, ce qui en fait une solution très compétitive.

  • Reducta 30

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    Reducta 30 is a versatile spotlight that can be incorporated in a recessed way into interior or exterior spaces, such as floors, ceilings or walls, thanks to its high protection index. It is ideal for small light spots, signaling and wall washers.