Smart Cities and Public Lighting

Gesluce system for public lighting is based in a mesh architecture, were the controllers are installed in each lighting fixture, becoming a node of the grid.
Interconnected with this nodes are gateways that concentrate the data and information and send It over the internet.

With this system an ordinary grid of public lighting transforms itself in a smart grid that is able to transport flows of data given by sensors, cars, vehicles and buildings all the way up to the internet, besides obviously the functions of managing the public lighting.

Gesluce transforms a simple lighting pole into a sensing platform from the local where it is. Besides that the pole can offer services within his structure.
Examples of that can be dynamic publicity, traffic signals or warnings for drivers or electric vehicles charging. The great advantage of integrate this services in

the pole relies in the fact that you can update it constantly trough the smart grid created. The lighting poles are the ideal structure for sensing because they are massively distributed over the cities and rural areas and is prepared to resist the external elements.