1 Apr


1 Apr 2017


Project designation | RTD R&D CO-BRANDING CENTRES
Project code | CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-021945
Main goal | RTo enhance research, technological development, and innovation – Light_Research: enhancing the internal capacities and skills of Lightenjin II in terms of R&D
Area of Intervention | Centre

| 2016-11-28
Date of commencement | 2017-04-01
Date of completion | 2019-09-27
Total eligible cost | € 445.690,66
ERDF | € 269.232,22


Lightenjin II is positioned as a company that provides customised solutions with a portfolio of products with distinctive characteristics, a unique design, and superior technical specifications. Based on a deep knowledge of the sector, the increased sophistication of its solutions has been highly associated with R&D.
Aware of its insufficient research capacity regarding foreseen challenges, the company has been adding partners as a strategy, particularly from the National Scientific and Technological System in order to explore new trends.
This guideline presided the creation of the R&D Centre together with the University of Aveiro/Escola Superior Aveiro Norte. This Centre mainly aims at structuring a pipeline for developing new materials, processes, and differentiating products in the most relevant business sectors of Lightenjin II:

((i) Interior lighting, mostly for shopping and industrial areas;
(ii) Exterior lighting solutions for Smart Cities.

In this sense, four technical activities were drawn up:
(1) Implementation of a Management System for Research, Development, and Innovation at Lightenjin II;
(2) Internal ability to research and develop new materials and processes;
(3) Identification of opportunities for developing new materials and products for public lighting within the scope of Smart City and for interior lighting;
(4) Structuring R&D projects and assessing results.