3 Dec


3 Dec 2015


Imagine Santa Clause with 21th meters, equivalent to a building with 7 floors, illuminated in all its splendor!

Camâra Municipal de Àgueda, not only imagined, in Largo de 1de Maio was built a support base of 9m by 21m and 250 thousand LED lamps…


250,000 LED lamps! And consumption?!?


Aware of the impact measurement, the Camâra Municipal de Àgueda has chosen to use drivers for efficient lighting in partnership with Lightenjin. The collaboration consisted in measure and create consumption data using G.E.M platform.

The GEM is a monitoring solution of energy consumption for single-phase and three-phase circuits.

The monitoring data and reports are available through a dedicated web page, which can be accessed by 3G / 4G and / or Ethernet connection.

The information collected by GEM can be accessed directly, without subscribing to any services that require subscription or monthly fees.

Using data export tool, it is possible to build reports, allowing an analysis of the global consumption of your residential, commercial or industrial installations, providing the information needed for optimization and verification measures of energy efficiency and negotiation of energy supply contracts.


Merry Christmas are the wishes of Lightenjin to you all!


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