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Shops & Retail

Shops & Retail Lighting

Lightenjin is committed to our clients, whether you have a small shop or a retail chain, to contributing to the creation of more captivating and enveloping areas through its lighting. This way, the emotional link of clients, our clients, will be emphasised by positive experiences and their bond will increase towards this brand.

In addition to retail projects, Lightenjin played a part in the sector’s evolution by developing new concepts, implementing new practices, and introducing new technologies.

The accumulated experience of lighting projects in the retail sector has led to the quick development of light fixtures and projectors. From the product’s development to its industrialisation was a natural result of business growth.

Areas of intervention

  • Accent Lighting
  • General Lighting (halls and checkout lines)
  • Shelf lighting
  • Lighting for cold areas
  • Cafeteria
  • Entrance
  • Lavatories
  • Circulation areas and stairs
  • Cold Storage
  • General Warehouse
  • Social areas – Canteen
  • Shower Facilities
  • Meeting Room
  • Office
  • Loading and Unloading Docks
  • Footpaths
  • Outdoor Car Park
  • Covered Car Park
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Accent Lighting

There are resources for creating environments, such as shelf lighting or accent lighting drawing attention to products. Non-even lighting and variable levels of brightness will trigger buyers, fill the shop’s projects with life, and attract buyers to intended areas.

UNNO PLUS is an adjustable spotlight with integrated biomaterial, designed for accent lighting in commercial spaces. This product reflects environmental concerns combined with the guarantee of functionality and efficiency of recycled materials.

retalho padaria


A Padaria além da zona de venda tem uma zona de produção alimentar. A produção alimentar rege-se pelas mesmas diretrizes da indústria alimentar. O design do produto deverá prevenir que existam partes que eventualmente possam cair ou desprender-se da luminária. As diretrizes de higiene, estipulam que qualquer acumulação de pó deverá ser facilmente removida. O IP (Índice de Proteção) da luminária deverá ser elevado, de modo a estar apta a zonas húmidas, frias e quentes.
Materials used should be resistant to chemical agents used in cleaning. Lighting levels should be suitable for inspection at each manufacturing stage.

Fish Market

The fish market in a shop has an area for washing and preparing fish. These places are potential splashing areas for which reason lighting must have a higher level of protection (IP65).
These areas meet high hygienic standards for which reason lighting equipment must be resistant to cleaning agents.
The level of lighting must be suitable for the saw machines and guillotine cutters used in handling certain types of fish.

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We offer a complete range of products for retail, covering everything from sales areas to parking lots and warehouses, thus expanding energy efficiency across its entire structure.

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