20 Apr 2023

the role of Light in Horticulture

Several studies indicate that different wavelengths of light can activate different mechanisms in plants, resulting in specific and desirable responses, depending on the objective sought.[...]



31 Aug 2022

Lighting in Horticulture Production

With the invitation of Smart Cities magazine, Lightenjin presents itself in the quarterly edition, as a national development and production company for customized lighting solutions for horticultural growth.



18 Mar 2022

The art of lighting well… art!

Lighting is much more than creating light environments: it allows you to create conditions for the effective development of visual activity, but it also allows you to model sensations and emotions.



16 Feb 2022

Public lighting and well-being

Public lighting is a fundamental instrument in the quality of life of citizens. More than a guarantor of the safety of users of public spaces - the first motive for the development of its technical foundation and its methodical planning - public lighting makes it possible to extend many of the experiences of daily daytime into the night. Nowadays, lighting is responsible for providing safety and visual acuity in addition to imputing urban design through the luminous architecture available in the environment.



26 Jan 2022

The Lighting Study and its importance

The lighting studies, also called lighting studies, ensure that the lighting of an outdoor or indoor environment is comfortable, adequate and efficient for carrying out the tasks designed for that space.