30 Sep


30 Sep 2016


The Lightenjin has the pressure to share with all customers and suppliers the first “Smart Rock City” in the world, in partnership with the project “Lourinhã Lights On, Lights Off”, Camâra Municipal da Lourinhã, Rock in Rio and Vodafone Portugal.

Recently, Vodafone presented this project, under the 7th edition of the Rock in Rio-Lisbon, and announced innovative and highly technological solutions, which never before applied in a music event and entertainment.

The development of five solutions allows to offer to a thousand of spectators an improved experience in the event, as well as environmental and economic sustainability. These solutions shall be to monitor in real time the most critical areas of the event, such as: energy, sanitation, water, waste and air quality.

Recalling that the project “Lourinhã Lights On, Lights Off” in partnership with Vodafone, is to enable the Municipality of Lourinhã gradually and iteratively to manage their public lighting and transform the city of Lisbon to be the first to monitor and optimize their energy consumption.

Image Authorship: Vodafone Portugal (http://press.vodafone.pt)