19 Apr


19 Apr 2016


Last April 13 th , was inaugurated the new railway station of Reboleira, which has a total investment of 60 million euros.
Inserted in the blue line travel, will allow a connection in 19 minutes between Amadora and Marquês de Pombal, an improvement in access between the cities of Lisbon and Amadora.
In this new space, the Srº Arquitecto Leopoldo Rosa has a clear line of approach and objective of creating large and comfortable spaces, conveying an image of spaciousness and comfort.

Being a comfortable space will be designed security in the event of electrical operation failure in public access and operation / services in terms of emergency lighting and support?


The legal regulations and the design project taken by the surrounding parts rules stipulate very clear approach, which Lightenjin had an important participation by providing emergency and design solutions.

In this project, Lightenjin supplied and additional work programming/commissioning normal autonomous blocks service XENA FLAT and Neptuno (Inox box model IP67 – IK07).


zemper Reboleira


All equipped with LED technology and devices, which all are operating through a central management and operation control with the ability to perform self testing and other maintenance operations, such as registration and operating network status, alarms and event viewing, etc.

These features are present in a centralized management computer or display their own central management and communication between the various elements carried over copper cable or using wireless communication based on the 868 MHz frequency band.

We thank the preference of the Metropolitano de Lisboa in our emergency solutions ZEMPER and wish the best of luck for operation of the new station.