7 May


7 May 2020

Retail Counter – innovative system to count and limit the number of visitors

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has brought us new ways of being and challenges to overcome.

Lightenjin with HFA technology, in partnership with DMS (Digitale Mediensysteme GmbH) and with QIBA.Connect know-how, created the Retail Counter product. This innovative product was developed to overcome the challenge of counting and limiting the number of visitors to a commercial space or public service location.

The Retail Counter is based on one or more built-in controllers and a variable number of sensors. The central controller (depending on the version) can connect to the network via Ethernet or the store’s WiFi. You can also connect to a cloud service. The technology developed allows the system to work in different input/output architectures.

Retail Counter is easy to install, removable whenever you want to remove it and does not need supervision in its use. The information transmitted to the customer to go ahead or wait is given through internationally recognized light signaling.